Expense Splitter Pro

Expense Splitter Pro

Expense Splitter Pro

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Sharing a flat with flatmates? or,
Going for a trip with friends?

Now easily manage your group expenses with Expense Splitter.

Just create a new journal and add your buddies to track and split expenses made by anyone and everyone in your group. At the end of the trip or a regular period (like a month, maybe?) see who owes what to whom and settle with your friends. Now, we don't want our friends to keep a grudge on us, do we?

So, free your mind from keeping track of your group expenses and enjoy that breeze at the Miami beach. We are here for you.

• Add a photo for each member and/or the whole group
• Material design
• Lightweight
• Intuitive UI
• No registration

•Minor bug fix and visual enhancements
•Major bug fix
•Minor performance optimization